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Uninterrupted Information Infrastructure


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Resilience as a Service

It is important to build on-premises and on-cloud Resilience with sustainability, self-service recovery automation and intrinsic security. We provide comprehensive Resilience as a Service for Digital Peace of Mind. We reduce the deployment risk and enable you to focus on growth with our remotely managed uninterrupted information infrastructure.

Desktop as a Service

Users benefit from VAMANIT DaaS by being able to access corporate data and applications through a world-class desktop experience. The costs of deploying and maintaining the hardware required to run each virtual desktop shift from a capital expense (CapEx) to an operational expense (OpEx) with Consistent SLA, Simpler Management, and Better Security. Customer has a choice of hosting the back end of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment on-premises or in a public datacenter.

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Business Intelligence
as a Service

Bi-as-a-Service provides pre-built AI-enabled GPU-based analytics-ready virtual desktops, Cloud Analytics gateways, on-premise S3 compatible Datalake storage and Database/Data warehousing infrastructure as a Service.

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