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About Us 

RCV Innovations, headquartered in Hyderabad, India provides IT consulting and Training services through our ThinkCloud division.
RCV Innovations prides itself as a
Powerhouse of ideas with disciplined execution”.


Our passion is to improve Resilience of Your Mission Critical Infrastructure with minimal impact on productivity in order to provide Zero-Data-loss, Zero-Downtime and Zero-Trust Security in Cost effective manner.

Our focus is to assist your business in the Digital Transformation journey by building Uninterrupted Information Infrastructure.


RCV Innovations is a trusted partner in Cybersecurity, Cloud and IoT Integration services. We have assisted in Mission Critical Infrastructure Management for Healthcare, Pharma conglomerates, Airport Infrastructure and Large State-owned Corporations.

Our Strong competence in VMWare Cloud on AWS with Software Defined DataCenter(SDDC), Secure Networking, Cloud Management and IoT Technologies enables us to solve your complex Infrastructure Management challenges.


We are firm believers in assisting you/our esteemed customers through our exemplary service for creating enduring value using Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud and Edge computing technologies.

Management Structure:

RCV Innovations was founded in 2011 with a simple idea of making cloud relevant to Business.


We are structured as a GURUKULA                         - A Knowledge  Community  and  A One-Room-School house with Peer-based learning and team-based execution .


Our team members are groomed for servant leadership(सेव)


They have direct responsibility for success of younger peers and rich customer relationships. We maintain a conscious balance between pure learning and deeply focused task/project execution.



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