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VMware Cloud on AWS + VAMANIT for Resilient THINKCLOUD Branch office Solution


Virtual Appliances for Virtual desktops and Line of business applications are  purpose built for your business with pre-configured virtual machine, software and remote management facility. These appliances are  deployed in VMC on AWS  to power your remote location with minimal operator intervention


VMC on AWS is intrinsically secure protected with latest industry standard hypervisors and security platforms


Cloud based Infrastructure provides high level of Resilience  with customised SIMA  Portal built on VMware vRealize Automation XaaS services to enable rapid provisioning, rapid recovery, backup and replication automation.


You can start with 2-Node cluster to scale from 10 branches to 1000’s of branches seamlessly. You pay per branch as you grow

Securing Infrastructure for Mission Critical Applications with Thinkcloud Branch office solution

Cloud Automation technology for managing desktop/Line-of-business Virtual Appliance deployment large scale branch deployment  and VAMANIT Edge Computing Appliances in Branch office networks.

Thinkcloud Branch office is designed to provide:

•     Visibility

•     Insight

•     Control

Thinkcloud Branch office portal is customised and extended take advantage of VMware technologies, Veeam Backup APIs and AWS APIs for meeting your Infrastructure management.

RCV Innovations is a trusted partner in Cybersecurity, Cloud and IoT Integration services.

Our Strong competence in VMWare based Software Defined DataCenter (SDDC) and Secure Networking, AWS Cloud Management and IoT Technologies enables us to solve complex Infrastructure Management challenges

Information infrastructure at your branch officeis typically a complex mixture myriad of technology systems, networks, line of business applications, databases, physical storage systems, legacy desktops and unmanaged devices.

-    Do you feel you branch has old or obsolete hardware?

-    Are you concerned about Cyber-threats at your branch?

-    Do you have a copy of all the data in your branch?

A  VMware on AWS Solution + VAMANIT MINI  with Advanced Edge Computing Technologies such as 5G, Satellite, IoT, SD-WAN, Software Defined Storage and Cloud backup can help for Micro-Sized Branch locations.

We Provide:

VAMANIT EdgeCloudlet + Cloud DR for Branch Office

•    Deploy a highly redundant, robust and stable Infrastructure platform built on AWS global infrastructure with Power by VMware Virtualisation for Compute Nodes, Software defined Networking and Software Defined Storage.

•    Accommodate Unpredictable resource demand during peak production with seamless  cloud connectivity.

•     Minimise potential revenue loss from unpredicted outages with Redundancy at Server, Storage and Network level 

We deliver rapid deployment/expansion of infrastructure for the nextgen branches with pre-configured Ready-to-Run Virtual Appliances for Virtual Desktops and LoB apps.

We offer   purpose-built  Edge Computing appliance always on Security with Simple Network Interface, Cryptokey Routing Built-in Roaming Ready for Containers/Kubernates with optional 5G, Satellite, IoT capabilities for Backup, security and connectivity. We assist you to virtualise and/or replicate your current branch setup in a geographically far site easily in hours.


Vamanit  is pre-installed with VMware, Veeam Cloud Backup and Restore along with Storage Gateway as part of your subscription at no-additional cost. You are free to install other VMware certified (Paid or Open-Source) Firewall/SD-WAN/Routing Virtual Appliances too.


Tel No : +91 8008936363

Provision, Protect and Prosper with  a Resilient Branch office network using Cloud and Edge Computing.


Our Solution enables automated provisioning, always on protection and pay as you grow model for mutual prosperity.

Solution :

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