Server consolidation is a process of reducing the usage of the number of physical servers and merging the whole allocation into a single server. Server consolidation eliminates over-provisioning, enhances server usages, limit the environmental impact of IT by consolidating the server hardware with vSphere with Operations Management, VMware’s virtualization platform. Server consolidating improves the efficiency of data processing, space allocation and utilization of resources at full pace. The economies of scale is maximum achievable with high returns and low costs on maintenance.


Infrastructure optimization definitely procures benefits to an organization with the proper implementation of IO models within the framework of a given environment . IT manager’s biggest threat is to maintain and control the security, safety of data and network access with the allocated resources infrastructure. By virtualizing the Desktops and Servers Eco friendly environment is sustainable and operating costs are handled with ease. Scalability & Flexibility ameliorate the time and space.

Server Consolidation & Infrastructure Optimization