SIMA - Securing Infrastructure Management Appliances

Securing Infrastructure Management

SIMA appliances are built on proven VMware Validated Design approach of seperating Management Pod from Compute, Storage and Edge Pods in a Software-Defined-Datacenter (SDDC). A phased implementation of SIMA enables you to:

  • Virtualize & Isolate the management  / Security appliances & Services
  • Enrich asset, application and storage intelligence
  • Envision alternate security topology options
  • Programmable Cloud Automation DC and DR
  • Traceable, Versioned & Audit-Ready infrastructure with context sensitive Logging & Reporting

SIMA is an  integrated hardened hardware with

  • Infrastructure Automation for Primary site assured recovery
  • Pre-configured VMware Management / Security appliances and Microsoft Services
  • Configuration versioning for deployment automation and audit-readiness.
  • Advanced managed services

SIMA comes in three variants with flexible configurations to fit Datacenter, Branch office / Campus / Edge / IOT and workplace Endpoint needs

Please click here for SIMA Brochure